Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Short day at work

I was in Cornwall at the weekend, and accordingly had Monday as holiday. When I arrived back I found I'd acquired my sister's cold, so stayed at home for a couple of days. Luckily I had my Thinkpad with me, and could just work from home. The cold was one of these sound and fury signifying nothing varieties - lots of coughs and sneezes but no flu-like symptoms.

Since I was less rackety today, I headed off for work. Got off the bus at Hursley and found a small crowd waiting on the other side of the road waiting to catch the bus back. A colleague intercepted me before I went into work, and told me the site was closed because of a pipe leak. On further explanation the pipe leak meant there was no running water on site i.e. no taps, toilets or coffee machines - the latter possibly being the biggest misfortune.

The return bus turned up in 5 minutes and I'm back at home, but only starting work half-an-hour later, and I did come up with a small brainwave on how to handle a particular problem on the bus, so not a completely wasted journey.
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