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New Stitches Issues 164 and 165

More notes on stitching magazines

Link to issue 164

The first main pattern is an angel in white cross stitch, although the effect is almost of blackwork. The use of a mint green shade for the fabric was a particularly good choice, since it gives a unique twist for an angel picture.
The Master Class is building on previous parts which looked at using felt, and have combined it with 'crazy patchwork' and various stitches. It's not a technique that I'd rush to use, but could be useful if I had to make Christmas decorations any time.
Nearly all the Yuletide greetings cards are based on the theme of candles, so some of them could be adapted for other occasions. Strangely, I particularly like the pastel candy-striped pair of candles. I guess it's not a pattern you see very often, so it stands out.
Some quick little cards and miniature Christmas stockings in shades of red and green, which I might well use one year.
There's an Autumn Leaves cushion which I really like the look of in blackwork and cross stitch. The overlaying of the leaves in the two techniques gives it a nice 3-D look, and of course, those are all my favourite shades.

Link to issue 165

The first thing that I really like in 165 are the cards based on Tiffany Windows. Not surprisingly they use variegated threads which I always like working with, and Art Nouveau is a simple but dramatic style which contrasts well with the multicoloured cottons.
A big picture that I'm unlikely to stitch but which I'm glad they charted is the RNLI Lifeboat. Particularly apt since this magazine came out about the time of the 25th anniversary of the Penlee lifeboat disaster.
There's another tabelcloth or runner pattern that I'm adding to my collection of 'runners I might stitch' which uses a Diana Perlleinen fabric with a lattice weave which helps with placing the motifs. The motifs are warm gold and orange shades in stylised Celtic patterns.

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