Jane B (knally) wrote,
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New Stitches Issue 154

Link to Issue 154

A few notes on what's in the latest issue, mostly for my own interest and to remind me of things I might want to do. But feel free to comment if you wish.

Interesting to see the Masterclass is 'Free Embroidery on Knitting' and that the cover has that article highlighted near the top where it will be seen in shelves. I think that's an intelligent bit of marketing on the part of the New Stitches team. Even though I've not been following stitching for a year or two, it has seemed to me that the floating voters among people who enjoy crafts have floated off to knitting. There are trends in the craft world, and knitting was on the down trend for a long time but is making a resurgence. I bet there'll be a lot more wool stalls at the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching show this October.

I like the Hardanger/Stitching piece called Eastern Promise from Lynda Bodkin at Loopylou Designs I do enjoy white Hardanger and often use it for Christmas cards, but this has a great use of colour, and the large open windows stop it being too cluttered. If I ever stitched it, I'd use a blue to tone in with the mosaic stitch for the background mount.

Good to see an article on Fine Cell Work which I've heard of before. Needlework and prisons doesn't sound an obvious combination, but it works for some prisoners, and the articles produced are stunning. (They certainly put my skills in the shade!)

The wild flower coasters are small but of the usual high standard. I think Mary Hickmott is particularly skilled at flower designs. Her larger designs are very realistic, and she usually manages to capture a flower even when she has a small area to work in.

The cross stitch carpet hanging may be something I'm tempted to do in the future. There are large expanses of colour and repeated motifs which will make it quicker to stitch than its size might indicate. And it would like good in my hallway :-)

But first I should really complete some of my half-done pieces!
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