Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Yoga on prescription?

Looks like it's official, yoga is good for you or, at least, for your back. I've been doing Iyengar yoga for a few months now, and I know that several of the people who come along are using it to help with building up muscles that have been strained or damaged in some way. We have a very careful teacher who keeps an eye on everyone to make sure people aren't going too far when recovering from an injury.

I don't have any problems myself and mostly took up yoga to help with suppleness as I get older - my knees don't seem to very happy with the whole bending routine any longer! The main benefits I've noticed so far though, is that I seem to be building up muscle tone in my legs, and that I can now relieve that hunched back feeling when I've been working at the computer all day. Although we're doing a lot of the same poses each week, we approach them with different muscle groups in mind, and try different ways of achieving the correct pose. Our teacher is great at suggesting visualisations or methods for moving muscles, and if something doesn't work for you then it might click the next week. This means you get a lot of practice in using or relaxing muscles - it does seem to be gradually helping with my feet cramps! One of the most useful classes we had was after I had a very bad cold and was still wheezing and run down. It was for improving lung capacity and consisted of lying about on things while trying to stretch the rib cage by very small increments. It was amazing how much it helped with my breathing and I managed to get through the class without coughing after the first few minutes, which was a great relief at that stage of the cold!

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