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The American Connection

(A quickish update since I don't have much time - may embellish it later)

After a last meal with Pat and Tony (featuring chicken a la duck!) with a neighbour who was a frequent visitor at Bernard Leach's studio in St Ives, I had to leave the tranquility of Maine behind.

I drove cross-country from Maine to Burlington in Vermont. Going by the interstate would have been quicker, but not so scenic since this way I was able to see Mount Washington and the White Mountains. Also I passed through many interesting towns and villages, and although I had to drive slower through them it gave the chance for more of an examination than speeding past them in the distance. Another advantage was that when I stopped there were often stretches of wild flowers to admire, which is something I don't usually see when I've come for the fall. I left Maine about nine and arrived in Shelburne a bit before seven, so that was about 9 hours driving taking out the time for lunch and breaks.

This morning I caught the ferry from Burlington to Port Kent. It was raining when it set out, but since this was the only chance I may have to catch this ferry I resolutely stood out on the deck to admire the view even though I became slightly damp (memories of Falmouth Harbour boat trips sustained me). The sun did come out after about 20 minutes and since it was still windy I dryed out by the time we docked.

I drove down the interstate (I think 89) through the Adirondacks which is a great drive for a driver since it's possible to take in the mountains without having to look away from the road. There were quite a few marshy ponds by the road, and I did see a couple of beaver lodges but no moose.

This evening I'm with my nephew and his wife in Syracuse. They have a brick built house since my nephew has the English prejudice against wood houses and it does look very English as you approach it - particularly with the Union Jack hanging outside :-) The house was built in the 40's but has lots of features which give it an Edwardian feel to me. They've been steadily decorating since they moved in and it's really welcoming now with natural wood and pastel shades.

Tomorrow - Canada!
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