Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Oh, Canada!

Yes, they let me in the country! It was very straightforward at border control, and I didn't even have to get out of the car, so I'm hoping it will be the same crossing back.

We went out for a meal last night in the Brea Loch Inn at Casenovia (which is my current winner of the prize for best name of a town) and met up with my nephew's mother-in-law which sounds very formal for such a friendly lady. It was a bit cool but we sat outside in our jackets to eat and enjoyed the atmosphere with everyone strolling around. I also saw a little league game in progress as we drove there which was a fun piece of Americana!

I set off a bit before nine this morning and got to my friend's place about half one. It was all interstate driving so just turned on cruise control and sat back to enjoy the ride - which is why it's easy to travel long distances in America. The scenery as usual was lovely including a wonderful bridge crossing where you could see some of the "thousand islands". (I would like to take this moment to apologise for my lack of vocabulary - checking back through my updates I seem to have 'view', 'lovely' and 'wonderful' in all entries. What can I say except fjwarren is the author in the family!)

It was sunny weather with a bit of breeze in Ottawa, and my friend Erika took me for a meal with another friend Jose, which was just great fun to meet everyone and hear all their stories. Afterwards I had the guided tour of Ottawa which strikes me as just a really nice city with a canal/river running through it and masses of greenery with not too many tall buildings. It was easy to walk around and take in the sights - hopefully I have the photos to prove it! As the evening drew in we drove off to see the park and the experimental farm - they really have a large working farm in the middle of the city, which just proves what an excellent place Ottawa is :-)

(At the moment my cell phone is not finding a network and I'm not sure if I'll be able to update on the Internet until Wednesday. If I can't do an update, I'll call someone at home or kaffirlimeleaf so the family know I'm still in the land of the living!)

ETA: Some photos from Canada
Tags: travel

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