February 19th, 2006


New Stitches Issue 155

Link to Issue 155

Not much I'm interested in stitching from this magazine, which can be summed up by the explanation 'PINK' ! I think it fair to say that pink is not my favourite colour, and there's a lot of it about in this issue.
We have pink roses for Mothering Sunday, a pink rose wedding sampler, a pink-themed wedding ring pillow, and pink and purple fuchsias! There's even pink in the confetti border used in the other wedding sampler. Although I could see myself using the confetti motif for a wedding card, since it does mimic confetti quite successfully. The other patterns I might use are the flower fillings used in the Master Class on Clamshells. These could be used to make charming, dainty cards, which would also have the advantage of being quick to sew.

Something that did strike my eye as I looked through was the notice about 'The Road to Byzantium: Luxury Arts of Antiquity' at the Hermitage Rooms at Somerset House. The Hermitage Rooms are a small section of Somerset House which house exhibitions usually drawn from the main collection at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. Not only is it easier to get to than St Petersburg, but the restricted size of the exhibitions mean you don't get swamped by items to look at. I also enjoy visiting Somerset House and seeing the old Admiralty rooms - am I walking in Nelson's footsteps? - and the newer additions of the River Terrace and the Fountain Courtyard. Not one of the flashier landmarks of London, but one I enjoy.

ETA: My description of the visit to Somerset House is here