August 15th, 2006


World Wide Words is 10 years old

It's the 10th anniversary of World Wide Words one of my favourite web sites. I was delighted to find out that the first ever article was about Polari since I've been a long time fan of Julian and Sandy on 'Round the Horne'.
The site compiler is Michael Quinion who freelances for the Oxford English Dictionary and has written a couple of books about words - also about cider! He has a wry sense of humour that is apparent in his descriptions, but I find the main attraction of the site is his obvious enjoyment of words. There is a newsletter available, but usually I drop by once a week to see what's new. Particularly amusing is the "SIC!" section on the front page which highlights words that have gone wrong in notices around the world.

Just browsing around the site is a pleasure. For example, haven't you always wanted to know that the word for the craft of cutting white horses on hillsides was LEUCIPOTTOMY?