December 24th, 2006


Presents List for 2010

The latest Brenda Wootton CD : "All of Me"
Or one of her old ones: Starry Gazey Pie

A calendar. I like paintings, or something historical, or attractive photos - landscapes, not a pretty kitten type of calandar.

Wooden rolling pin (other sister is looking for one of these)

Wooden boxes or bowls.

A small bottle of Baileys Irish Cream.

Scented candles - particularly like those in glass containers (like Yankee Candles). I don't mind what scents, but if you have a choice then things that are have names with Cotton and Linen in them are usually good.

Small blue glass or pottery objects.

Teas: Earl Grey / Russian Caravan

And you can always look at my Amazon Wish List

Smaller things that are always welcome are talcum powder/soap/bath salts/bath oil (any scent but violet - to which I have a reaction). I like bath bombs, but don't often buy them for myself since they're expensive for one bath!

Also packs of notelets.