January 11th, 2007


Serendipity on Cornwall Cam

I usually pop by Cornwall Cam a couple of times a week, since the quality of the photos taken by Charles Winpenny is high, and it's always pleasant to see different aspects of Cornwall. My screensaver at work is mostly made up of a slideshow of his pictures.

On the page for Wednesday 10th, which will probably be around for about a week, there was an old postcard sent in by another Cornwall Cam viewer, with the rather forlorn hope that he might possibly recognise the cottage portrayed. Well, it turns out he did recognise it since it was Richard Trevithick's old home and he was able to put up a matching view from today which shows how little it's changed over the years.

ETA. Update on the flowers that bloom in the spring situation: after the snowdrops at the beginning of the week, I've just done a quick post-prandial stroll around the formal garden and spotted a flowering hellebore. Now that is early!