February 7th, 2007



I went to the cinema on Monday with my niece who's staying with me at the moment. Since I seem to do quite a lot of things in the evenings, she gets stuck on her own a lot. So if I see a film that I think she might like and that I can sit through, I'll usually suggest we go see it.

There is a small cinema in Winchester that's only about 15 minutes walk away, but for a lot more choice there's also a cinema in Basingstoke which we can get to by train easily.

So this time we went to see Dreamgirls, which I suspect I may have enjoyed more than her since it was set in my era of the 60s and 70s. It's adapted from a stage musical, and strangely none of the songs were particularly hummable. What I actually remember best from it was the acting, with a couple of quiet scenes from Eddie Murphy being particularly good (perhaps because you don't expect him to be quiet!) Also the costumes and sets were very evocative, especially since there was the occasional insert of documentary footage from the same times to set it all in context.