February 21st, 2007


Researching outside the Internet

I have occasional bursts of activity on researching our family history. I've found that since nearly the entire family stayed in Cornwall, it hasn't been too difficult to track back using the various sites on the Internet, but I know I'll need to look at other sources once I get back beyond about 1830.

So, this evening I went to a talk at Hampshire Record Office about using their archives for researching family history. Since they obviously specialise in Hampshire, there's only a limited amount that's useful to me (see above re: Cornwall), but I thought it would be useful to see just how Records Offices in general work.

And I did get to grip with catalogs and microfiche viewers, and also in the introductory talk had a sudden burst of inspiration. The talker mentioned tithe maps and the rolls that go with them, and that may help me with tracking down the Warrens who have a bit of a gap in their timeline, since they don't seem to be appearing on the online censuses. It could be that they haven't been transcribed yet, and when I get a chance to look at the microfiche versions I'll be able to find them, but if not, I think a tithe map might show them since they were farmers.