February 25th, 2007


Quaker Tapestry at Worcester Cathedral

Yesterday I took the train up to Worcester to see the travelling exhibition of the Quaker Tapestry. Its permanent base is Kendal in the Lake District, and can be viewed there from April through December, but they usually take some of it on display in February and March. I saw it in February 1996 at Winchester Cathedral and it was the prompt that made me interested in attending Quaker Meetings, but it's also a fascinating piece of modern embroidery.

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Worcester is a very pleasant place to wander around generally. It's about 2 1/2 hours by train from Winchester (the terminus for that line is Great Malvern, which is handy for a holiday I have booked in May) and the journey was straightforward and comfortable - as opposed to last Saturday when my two trains to London were standing room only, then extended travel times on the way back! There are several pedestrian streets for shopping, and in the older more picturesque part of the city the Royal Worcester factory and museum can be found. The River Severn flows through the city, and my visit happened to coincide with Worcester Rowing Club's Head of the River event, so about 20 rowing boats skimmed past as I walked along the bank.