March 15th, 2007


Theatre trips

I went to two plays yesterday, which may seem a bit enthusiastic, but the first one was only an hour long. It was Harold Pinter's two-man drama The Dumb Waiter starring Jason Isaacs and Lee Evans. I went with a couple of friends and we had amazingly good seats just above the doors to the entrance and only four rows back from the stage. It almost appeared as if there was nothing between us and the stage.
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I and my friends went off to Wagamama's where we were able to beat the evening rush. I had one of the 'teppan' dishes which are based on thick fried noodles, and which are slightly more manageable to eat than the soup and rice dishes - although I still asked for cutlery :-) We had some of the side dishes and managed a dessert as well. All the sweets were luscious but the most interesting was the chocolate fudge cake with a chocolate-wasabi sauce, which worked surprisingly well.
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It happened to be my birthday yesterday, although it wasn't the main reason for going to the theatre - that was mostly due to the matinee falling on a Wednesday - and it was a great day out. One of the my friends gave me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers which came with its own neat, square carrier bag so it was easy to carry, and this gave a delightful note of eccentricity to the day. Exemplified by when I was leaving our seats after the first play, and swung the bag past the lady at the end of the row. With wonderful timing she placed a hand on her chest and said, "For me? You shouldn't have." And much hilarity was had by all.