June 13th, 2007


Road trip from Boston to Minnesota

Since I don't update this journal very regularly, you probably won't notice that I'm gone, but I'm heading off to America and Canada for 3 weeks. I'm hoping to pop on and do short updates when I can get to a computer while I'm travelling just to keep friends and family up to date with my progress.

I'm flying to Boston on the 16th and staying with kaffirlimeleaf ... or possibly not, depending on how her tidying goes :-) On Monday 18th I take the train up to Portland, Maine where I pick up a hire car, because there's no way I'm going to start off driving in a strange car in Boston! I'm staying with lapillus's charming parents who generously extended an invitation when they visited me in March.
Thursday 21st I head off to my nephew and his wife in Syracuse, NY via Burlington, Vermont. I've holidayed in Vermont before so thought a stop there would be pleasant - I may take the ferry across Lake Champlain thus bringing my forms of transport up to 4!

Next I cross the border into Canada and go up to Ottawa where I'll be visiting some other friends. It's a short one-night stay before I head off to Minnesota. I'll either drive around the top or bottom of Lake Superior depending on how tired I'm feeling from the driving . But about the middle of the week I should be arriving in Morris to stay with Weathergirl of Unhindered by Talent fame, and see her home - including the famous bathroom! She and her family have made it to England several times, so this will be the Old Pals reunion. At the weekend I head into HOT Minneapolis where I'll be visiting lapillus and also taking in A Mirror of Nature which is visiting Minnesota because of the strong Scandinavian heritage there.

I fly back to Boston Monday evening, and back to England on the 5th, so I get to spend 4th July in America - will I be thrown into Boston harbour?