June 18th, 2007


Westward Ho!

"Present Laughter" was wonderfully hilarious which was just as well since it stopped me from dropping off and embarassing kaffirlimeleaf in the theatre! As she mentioned in the comments to my last post we were absolutely stuffed by the wonderful brunch at Johnny D's and I didn't need to eat anything until breakfast today. Mount Auburn Cemetary was wonderful with a great collection of beautiful trees - it must be amazing in the autumn. There is a tower at the highest part which gives a wonderful view over Boston, and it wasn't too hazy yesterday so I think I was able to identify some landmarks such as the Bunker Hill Monument and the State House.

There was a surprising amount of wild life around with all kinds of birds. And the most amusing nature observation was when we heard the bull frogs calling and then came upon a couple "In frogante delicto" as kaffirlimeleaf remarked.

Today I took the train up to Portland and picked up a car with enough space for the population of one of the smaller Isles of Scilly, but it has cruise control which is going to be handy with all the driving. Tomtom the Satnav got me to Belfast successfully, and the Stoneburners met me there and we had a lovely meal in Darbys.

Pat directed me to their lovely summer home which is down an unpaved lane on Little Deer Isle and which looks out to the west. We got there just in time to see the most wonderful sunset over the wooded islands opposite. And then they kindly let me use their computer so you can see I've got here okay. More in a day or two hopefully.