June 20th, 2007


Arcadia with no 'R'

Yesterday was fine sunny weather with just a bit of coolness in the morning. Pat and Tony took me off to see the Acadia National Park which has mountains, forests, lakes and sea views so combines everything in a smallish area! Tony drove along the coast to get there which gave me more scenes of the sea and islands.

We lunched at Jordan Pond House where I was introduced to their local speciality of 'popovers' which are very similar to Yorkshire Puddings but you have them with strawberry jam and butter! We sat in the dining room so we didn't have to share lunch with the local insect life, but we were by the window so still had a gorgeous vista over the lake. Next stop was the top of Cadillac Mountain which is the highest point on the eastern seaboard and which provided a place from which one could see nearly all the surrounding islands - a bit hazy so not quite all! Down on the sea by the Porcupine Islands we saw a red-sailed windjammer which is probably one of those providing cruises around the island, but probably running on its engine when we saw it since it was steering a very straight line.

Next we popped into Bar Harbor just to see the typical tourist shops. Interesting items are Maine tourmaline and sea glass jewellery (sea glass is sea smoothed glass which has an attractive opaque finish.)

In the evening we went to the next door neighbour's for dinner. The house was by the same architect as the cabin where I am staying but had been built on a larger scale for a bigger family. Where I'm staying is built of pine (which is a red-hued wood here) and has many glass windows, with a feature called a clear storey which allows light in near the roof. It has a sitting area by the sea which has the natural rock as the floor - very attractive but prone to being a bit wet if it rains heavily.
The hostesses for dinner were the owner of the house, her sister and a friend. They had gone out in the morning and gathered Maine mussels from their shore which we ate with butter. Then we had a crab casserole with various salads and watermelon for afters. Very tasty and with lots of hilarity and lively anecdotes as well.

Today is a greyer day (glad I bought a cardigan and vest!) and we're staying nearer to home. I went out with Pat in the morning and bought some stamps at the local post office. We then dropped into Turtle Gallery where I was tempted to buy a couple of things but getting them home and considering the budget for the rest of the holiday stopped me from getting too carried away! I did particularly like the wood turnings of Chris Joyce and the prints of Siri Beckman and James Groleau. Siri Beckman knows the Stoneburners and one of her prints was actually of the inside of the cabin which was lovely to see. Pat did some grocery shopping and picked up some local crabmeat (I think it was Picky Toe Crabs?)which she used in a chowder for lunch and we also had it in sweet bread rolls.

We've been investigating maps and the satnav for the route tomorrow, and I shall be heading off to Burlington at about nine. I'll be staying in the Days Inn near Shelburne but not sure if I'll be able to get on the internet so next update may be Friday.