June 28th, 2007


Minnesota Pot Luck

I spent the day being driven around the sights of Morris, Minnesota (a treat to be driven at this point). It's quite a small town at about 5,000 inhabitants, but it has a campus which is the Liberal Arts offshoot of the University of Minnesota which gives it a focus.

In the morning we went out to the wetlands where I finally found out that the blackbird I keep saying everywhere is the Red Winged Blackird which is well named and a very pretty bird even it is common as a sparrow. We also helped the local wildlife by providing sustenance for mosquitoes, and a lift for ticks. I only had one tick but my friend was very attractive to the critters which made for an itchy half-hour.

In the afternoon we drove round the University campus which is compact and attractively laid out. Then headed up to the gardens of the agricultural part of the University. These are small but delightful gardens with examples of different types of flowers for growing in the area, all attractively laid out. Just by their side is a wind turbine which has only been in place for a couple of years, but provides about half the electricity for the campus.

In the evening there was a traditional Minnesota Pot Luck where people turned up with food for a meal This was fairly successful since we had four salads and two desserts - sometimes you get all desserts or some other tricky combination. There were a couple of people I'd already met in the town and one lady who'd visited England with my friend a few years ago. It was a chatty evening with great fun being had by everyone.

ETA: Some photos of Morris