July 1st, 2007


In touch

Forgot to mention that my mobile is back on a network so I should be contactable by that for the rest of the stay since I know it works in Boston. But don't use it unless you have to since it's more expensive to call to it while it's overseas.

Up Pompey!

So today lapillus and I went to the Pompey Exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Started off with a film about a similar eruption in Santorini, in a cinema with a large curved scene - particularly effective when they did the simulated lava flow coming right towards you. The exhibition itself had a varied and not too large selection of items which gave an excellent sampling of life before the volcano blew. The highlight was at the end where they had some of the plaster casts that were taken of the people who died, which was sad and rather eerie.

Lunch, for those interested, was at a Japanese restaurant, where I discovered Plum Wine and had a really good Beef Teriyaki. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the museum, looking at the dinosaurs, the tugboat and playing with all the childrens' exhibits :-)

We finished off with a quick trip to see one of the immense crewel embroideries on show at the Plymouth Congregational Church which was a really stunning piece of work.

An evening at home now with pizza and watermelon - typically American? Tomorrow I'm flying out to Boston about 4, and will be staying at the Hilton by the airport.