August 3rd, 2007


May you live in interesting times

This is an interesting article that I read yesterday: Turn back the clock which suggests that time seems longer when you're having new experiences.

"Make sure your life is as full of new experiences as possible. If you live a life that's full of routine, then time will always speed up but if you make an effort to travel to new environments and expose yourself to new situations, new challenges, even something simple like a new route to work, new interests, new hobbies, then this degree of newness slows down time."

It does seem plausible to me, since my recent holiday seemed a lot longer than the 3 weeks I actually spent on it. Although the amount of driving might have made it seem boring, the fact that every view was new to me made the days seem full of event, and long in a good way. And, of course, except for Boston every place I visited was unknown to me, and even in Boston we went to several unfamiliar venues. I have another holiday coming up in a couple of weeks time, a few days in Italy with Solos Holidays. I was a little dismayed by the Very Full itinerary, and was wondering which events to miss, but now I'm thinking I should grab all the opportunities even if I do end up knackered :-)

Also, this seems some timely advice with the weekend coming up, since they always seem to pass too quickly. Yet memory shows me that the ones where I am busy doing things instead of just relaxing seem to have had more hours. So this weekend I'll try something new ... as well as the usual errands.