September 20th, 2007


An ambiguous quote

My lunchtime book, which I read when I have no one to talk to at lunchtime in the canteen, is currently A Time for Machetes by Jean Hatzfeld. It's a book of interviews with Hutu killers involved in the Rwandan genocide, quite a difficult book to read and puzzling too since it raises more questions than it answers.

For example, here's a quote which I find quite inspiring, but its source is one of the killers, and not just one of the foot soldiers, but a leader sentenced to death:

Joseph-Désiré Since I am condemned to die, I am condemned to grab hold of this life shadowed by sudden and unnatural death. In our courtyard, sixty of us are forced by fate to wait, to play isigoro (an african board game), to keep an ear turned to what the outside world is saying, thanks to the radio. It is a different life from the one I used to lead, not at all like the one I chose. But it is still a life, which is mine, and if I do not take it, no one will offer me another.