September 22nd, 2007


Icons for National Quaker Week (Sep 22nd-30th)

Today is the start of National Quaker Week which is a campaign to inform people about Quakers, who are also known as the Society of Friends, or just Friends. It isn't an attempt to go out and recruit new members, although they'd obviously be welcome, but just to let people know who Quakers are. Here's a link you can follow to a site which tells you more about Quakers.

As part of the 'advertising' I thought I'd experiment with making some LJ icons. I've been trying to get more new experiences into my life recently, and as one of them I've been attempting to learn GIMP in order to manipulate graphics and specifically to make icons. I am hindered in this process by having the design ability of the Three Toed Sloth, and possibly colour dyslexia if such a thing exists.

Please follow the link below to see my first icons:

Collapse )

If you would like to take and use any of these icons, please leave a message so I know they've been of interest to someone. If you like an icon but would like a variation (such as different colour or font) then also leave a message in the comments and I'll see what I can do.