December 29th, 2007


I ... I ... I like you very much

Two new iThings that I've just become aware of.

iPlayer from the BBC. I'd heard of this, but ignored the announcement once they'd said it wasn't running on Macs yet. However I recorded 'Ballet Shoes' while I was away and missed the end so I checked out the site to see if it was there, thinking I could catch it on my work computer. And I find that although you need Windows for the download, it's just Flash player for the small screen version which is perfect to watch on a laptop. It worked fine on Firefox, and I think I'll use it a lot now to catch things I've missed - or just to watch at a more convenient time.

iTunes U which has lectures and other presentations from American Universities online. The one that particularly caught my eye was 'Social Entrepreneurship' from Stanford University which includes a couple of talks by Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the Grameen Bank. If I get hooked on this, I may have to buy an iPod!