December 30th, 2007


Hippy hippy shake

A Shakeaway opened in Winchester this year, and I'm becoming a regular customer. As I've mentioned before I'm not that bothered about the taste of coffee and other things, but I do drink a lot of milk, and enjoy the texture of a thick milk shake.

fj_warren can testify that I've always had a fondness for milk shakes, cue remembrances of embarrassing moments in the local Wimpy as I sucked enthusiastically at the last slurp while she tried to chat to her fellow teenagers. When I was in Paris a friend and I would indulge in a McDonalds thick shake every now and then, and they were thick enough to stand the straw up in.

So Shakeaway is my ideal shop, as can be seen by the fact that every time I go down town, I seem to manage to walk back via it :-) I quite often have chocolatey shakes, like Kinder Bueno, or Peppermint Aero, usually with a helping of Malt, but today I had the slightly healthier option of Melon and Ginger. Talking about health it's just as well I can't get to town every day, otherwise I'd either be rotund at the end of 2008, or will have keeled over with a coronary!