January 2nd, 2008


Hope a little

When the 2004 American election was on, I used to read bits of The Nation and The American Prospect so I could understand some of the things kaffirlimeleaf, a keen Kerry supporter, was discussing. I still pop over to The American Prospect fairly regularly, since they can have some interesting articles. Today I took one of my less frequent swings by The Nation, and found this article The Secret Library of Hope which mentions some intriquing books (who knew William Morris wrote a book about a utopia?), but I particularly liked its opening sentence: Hope is an orientation, a way of scanning the wall for cracks--or building ladders--rather than staring at its obdurate expanse.

Before Christmas I saw on minisinoo's journal a link to this appeal Pretty Bird Woman House a shelter for abused Native American women in Dakota (a grimly astonishing figure of "One in three Native American or Alaska Native women will be raped at some point in their lives." is detailed in an Amnesty International report). Their old shelter had been vandalised and burned down, and they needed $70,000 to buy somewhere new. I was able to make a small donation, when the figure they'd collected was about $10,000. When I checked back today, they'd raised and exceeded the amount they needed.

Hope is alive and well in 2008.