January 13th, 2008


TV viewings

It's my favourite time of year for watching television, with Time Team followed by the Antiques Roadshow. They're both the type of programme I enjoy, where you can learn a bit about a subject while being entertained, which is the best form of education. I notice that after the Roadshow is Lark Rise to Candleford which looks like it might be a more successful adaptation than Cranford.

Not having read the books, I enjoyed Cranford, but I do think they tried to make it a bit too over-dramatic, and too aware of the changes in the outside world. They used 3 books as a basis for the series: CranfordMr Harrison's Confessions and My Lady Ludlow, and I think the latter didn't quite work with the other two. I really enjoyed the interaction between Lady Ludlow and her estate manager Mr. Carter in the TV series, but Lady Ludlow wasn't of the right era in appearance and opinions for the other two books; she was more early 18th century than mid 18th. Mr Harrison's Confessions was a better fit, both in its social interaction and the smaller domestic scale of the story.

Domestic seems to be more the aim of Lark Rise to Candleford so let's hope it keeps within the village. In this time of interdependence we sometimes refer to the world as a village, but it's worth remembering that a village can contain a world.