February 12th, 2008


Peake's House and Colchester

As I said in my last entry I stayed at Peake's House, a Landmark Trust property, over the weekend. A lovely old 15th Century house - here's a picture of how the interior looked at night-time.

After my long trip to America and Canada in 2007, I thought I'd stick to the UK this year. This gives me an excuse to visit some of the Landmark properties I've been meaning to go to for a few years. Peake's House had several things going for it, great architecture, a good central position in Colchester for a weekend visit, not too difficult to get to (if you discount driving round the M25 on a Friday afternoon) and it's situated in the same town as Unhindered by Talent otherwise known as weathergirllj and family.

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Link to Photobucket Album for Colchester Visit