March 5th, 2008



I actually managed to achieve something today at work, which makes a change from the last couple of weeks where I seem to have been doing my impression of a hamster on a wheel and getting about as far!

Finally managed to get the piece of information I needed to close my longest running problem (190 days), and was able to get all my other outstanding problems back with the customers - either with solutions or asking for more details. The latter may not sound much of an achievement, but getting to the point where I understand them enough to ask more about them is actually a step forward.

Also this evening I went swimming which I've been meaning to start doing again since I swam in a lake on my last Italian holiday. I bought a new swimsuit with my birthday money from my brother, so I'd feel guilty if I didn't use it. I thought I might start March 25th (the old New Years Day) and try to go twice a week, and then I thought I could work up to that by starting in March and going once a week. And so far I've managed it :-)

I planned to do 8 lengths, but managed 10. I should point out these are not continuous lengths, but include numerous rests at each end. Still it was a start, so I feel the rosy glow of achievement, or possibly just a faster pulse!
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