March 22nd, 2008


Winchester Passion

Yesterday evening in Winchester they had a street performance of the Passion. I wasn't particularly interested in going since it was cold, and I thought it would be quite crowded. Still I hoped that it would be successful for the people who spent so much time on it, and the local Hampshire Chronicle reports that they had crowds of about 10,000 so very good for the size of the city.

One thing that I did enjoy were the notices that were placed in shop windows in the week leading up to it.

For more pictures of the actual Passion, David Spender has a good selection of photos in this Flickr set

(P.S. I was pleased to see that Jesus and the thieves were allowed to be fully clothed on the crosses. I saw an excellent outdoor production of Origo Mundi (the Cornish Mystery plays) where Jesus was just wearing the traditional loincloth and everyone in the audience was wrapped up in coats, scarves and hats!)

London snapshots

Something I didn't manage to get to post about at the time, since life was busy, was that we had a 'works outing' to London on the 13th March. We had actually managed to meet the end of year target, which looked way impossible at one stage, so as an award we went up to London. The point of the visit was to go on a London Duck Tour where after trundling round the streets for a while you launch off into the Thames next to MI5 and go up and down the river past the Houses of Parliament. The tour guide was the highlight of the trip giving one of the funniest running commentaries I've heard for a long time. Afterwards we went off to Doggetts Coat and Badge, which used to one of my locals when I worked on the South Bank, where he had a good meal and a couple of beverages each.

I then split off from the group, most of whom went home, and walked down to the Tate Modern to see Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern which is the point of this post really. I took several snaps of the Crack - as it's become known - and thought one came out quite well so posted it on day_on_earth which is a community I follow for its interesting pictures. Today the moderator commented that she'd picked my picture as the top post for Thursday March 13th which was a delightful surprise.

I went to the British Museum in the evening, and did one of their audio tours on the Enlightment, which was very ... englightening. As I was wandering back to the desk to return the headset I thought, 'That looks just like B____ from work'. And yes you've guessed it, when I got a bit closer it was B____ from work - it's a small city, London :-)