May 27th, 2008


The Merry Month of May

This is mostly an update to say 'Sorry' if I've not contacted you recently, and to put the blame on the allotment!

This is the time of year when everything grows - unfortunately that's the weeds as well as the vegetables. I managed to get everything fairly tidy the first weekend of the month before going away to Malvern for 5 days to stay in a holiday apartment with my sister and her husband, visiting the surrounding area and the Malvern Spring Gardening Show. By the time I showed the plot to my sister on the 11th you couldn't really tell I'd been down there just the weekend before. My onion beds resembled some kind of jungle gym with bindweed flinging itself between the plants, the grass was over a foot high, and my seedlings had disappeared into the growth of new weeds - and just how do slugs manage to find your precious vegetables amongst all those weeds? :-(

So the timetable at the moment is Circle Dancing on Tuesday, Yoga on Wednesday and any evening where I'm not being sociable with friends is down the allotment until about 9:30, planting, weeding and watering since it's been quite dry. And then to bed. Zzzzz. My brother visited this last weekend and helped me to replace the empty water butt on the paving slab I'd bought, and to reattach the down pipe which drains the shed roof into the butt (it was blown off in the storms in March). This was just in time to catch the torrential downpours on Sunday and yesterday with the result I don't need to water the allotment today and the butt is already half-full. Yay!

Yesterday was spent catching up on things indoors (Bills - yikes!) and was meant to include clearing my inbox, but I never managed to get that far. So apologies again if you're waiting to hear from me. One day ....