June 12th, 2008

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A Planned Death

Last night Karl Eugene Chamberlain was executed at Huntsville, Texas for the rape and murder of Felicia Prechtl. I've placed this post under the 'quakers' tag, because Karl was a member of Winchester Meeting. One of our members was corresponding with him through the Human Writes organisation for several years. Through this contact he became interested in the Quakers and applied for membership. I exchanged a couple of introductory letters with him, and got to know a little about him. He was guilty of the crime he was arrested for, but I think he did try to become a better person after that.

He was injected and pronounced dead at 6:30 CDT (Central Daylight Time) which was half past midnight here. Last night I went to the theatre in London with a friend and when I came home read a little before going to sleep. I knew Karl was going to be executed yesterday evening, although I didn't know the time but remember looking at the clock at 12:30. Ironically at the time, I was reading a section about the extermination chambers in Auschwitz by Laurence Rees