June 22nd, 2008


Embroidered Knot Gardens

Yesterday I went to my first Embroidery Now class this year. It was Embroidered Knot Gardens, given by Owen Davies who's an enthusiastic and cheerful tutor. I've enjoyed all the courses I've been on for many reasons; it's wonderful to have RSN teachers explaining techniques to you (and not to have to travel to London for it); actually seeing how to do a technique is so much easier than trying to work it out from a book; the opportunity to spend a day stitching is very rare; and it's lovely to be with other stitchers. I think the Knot Garden technique may be the one I do more of in the future. Because it's canvas work, it means the bulk of the stitches are counted thread work, which I prefer, but also it has plenty of scope for doing experimental things, and if they don't quite work they may still fit into the garden.

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