June 28th, 2008


Edale Mill

My latest Landmark Trust holiday has been in the Peak District, in an old cotton mill, a rare survivor from 1795 (rare, since they usually burnt down!) It was a comfortable and very spacious apartment so you didn't get much idea of life in a factory. It was possible to get an impression of what the open floor looked like by looking from the bedroom through the hallway into the sitting room, with a couple of the steel supporting pillars in the view. One small way of seeing part of their life was to take their route to work. The first workers used to walk to the mill from Castleton, up over the intervening hill via Hollins Cross which I reckon must have taken them an hour. So that was an hour either side of a 12 hour day, which in the winter would probably have meant both walks were in the dark. Today it's a pleasant ramble with wonderful views down to the mill and across to the hills beyond, but even taken slowly and in daylight you have to watch your step on the stony path. They must almost have been glad of bad weather when they could stay at the mill overnight.

View from hill

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