October 30th, 2008


The Treewalk at Kew

A friend and I went to Kew Gardens yesterday. We'd been planning to go for a while since the first time we had read about the Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway which was in the Spring!

It turned out to be a good time to go, since the autumn colours were lovely, although we did lose an hour of daylight because of the time change. You climb 118 steps to get up into the walkway, and then it's described as being 200m around. It seems a lot longer since you keep stopping to look at the views, and the trees, and the birds - there are parakeets in Kew!

The construction of the walkway is quite exciting since it's set on branched pillars, which blend wonderfully with the trees, and are also tree-like in that they have flexibility, so the walk sways as people move along it. You can stand still and look along the railing and see it moving - quiet eek!

The walk meanders through several varieties of trees, some had lost their leaves, some were still shedding, while there were also a few conifers. It would be interesting to go back in the Spring and see the reverse process.

We also wandered around the gardens while it was still daylight, and paid a special visit to the steaming compost heap which must be one of the biggest in Britain. We crossed over the lake by the Sackler Crossing, and I was delighted to see a Little Grebe (my favourite bird) in the shallows.

A great day out, and with the benefit of a lovely meal at The Glasshouse - dessert of 'Apple, blackberry and almond pudding with honey and clove anglaise'. Yumm!