November 13th, 2008

grip on reality not too good

Short day at work

I was in Cornwall at the weekend, and accordingly had Monday as holiday. When I arrived back I found I'd acquired my sister's cold, so stayed at home for a couple of days. Luckily I had my Thinkpad with me, and could just work from home. The cold was one of these sound and fury signifying nothing varieties - lots of coughs and sneezes but no flu-like symptoms.

Since I was less rackety today, I headed off for work. Got off the bus at Hursley and found a small crowd waiting on the other side of the road waiting to catch the bus back. A colleague intercepted me before I went into work, and told me the site was closed because of a pipe leak. On further explanation the pipe leak meant there was no running water on site i.e. no taps, toilets or coffee machines - the latter possibly being the biggest misfortune.

The return bus turned up in 5 minutes and I'm back at home, but only starting work half-an-hour later, and I did come up with a small brainwave on how to handle a particular problem on the bus, so not a completely wasted journey.

I am not a number!

Well, actually I am now, since I just took part in The Health Survey for England.

An affable lady comes round and asks you lots of questions, mostly on lifestyle, where you find yourself trying to work out how many tablespoons of pulses you've ate within the last 24 hours!

I also agreed to wear an Actigraph, which is like a smaller but more complex pedometer, for 7 days. You have to put this on when you get out of bed, which might be a feat of memory for me considering what I'm like when I first wake up. Also, will I feel I have to be more active to make sure they get some figures? :-)