February 1st, 2009


Spinnaker Tower

My brother and his daughter were visiting this weekend, and we decided a visit to the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth was a good way to spend a winter's day. The train takes about an hour down to Portsmouth Harbour, and the tower is near the station so it's the best way to get down there from Winchester. Since the station is also near the Historic Dockyard, I renewed my season ticket, with the obligatory awful photo. I only go down to the dockyards a couple of times a year, but the ticket lasts for two years, and I like being able to go in anything I like when I visit and not be restricted by what I saw last time on the Annual Admission ticket.

We had a really nice meal in Loch Fyne which is a chain of restaurants we particularly like since my brother and I both enjoy fish. The one in Winchester is very good, and the Portsmouth one was as good if not better - interesting old buildings as well. For those who like to hear about the food, I had the bream fillets on garlic mash, with mixed green vegetables, and a Creme Brulée to follow. I also had the Domaine Begude white wine which I've had before and which I find goes very well with fish. Actually, while I'm talking about food, I'd just like to mention my local food pub The King Alfred where we had two really tasty and good value meals, including an excellent Sunday lunch over the weekend.

We ended up spending about an hour up the tower, even though it was a bit cloudy and you couldn't see the Isle of Wight. But it's always surprising how fascinating it is to watch the harbour. Who would have thought you could get so caught up in the unloading and loading of a ferry? :-) My niece walked on the glass floor, while my brother and I observed from the side We did get one of the commemorative photos, in which my brother, wearing a striped jumper, looks remarkably like another tower!

My brother and niece were going to stay longer, but we'd been keeping an eye on the weather, and since snow was forecast they headed off at four today. And it has started snowing here, so it was a wise move. Hopefully it won't be 17 years before my niece visits again.