February 2nd, 2009


Snow Day!

Well, the snow continued overnight and it was still falling this morning. There's about 2-3 inches of snow on the pavements which I think is the most I've ever seen in 20 years of living in Winchester.

I dressed up like the Michelin Man with lots of layers (always useful if you slip in snow) and my walking boots, and headed off to the bus stop. No buses, but Stagecoach was sending a bus slowly round the bus stops telling everyone the buses were cancelled, which I thought was particularly organised of them. In fact, although I'm sure there'll be the usual complaints about how we can't cope with a bit of cold weather, I thought things did go fairly well today. The roads were gritted last night, I saw the snow plough out this morning, and there were two men with a wheelbarrow going round the local pavements scattering grit on them.

In fact, I was about the only disorganised thing around since I hadn't bothered bringing my computer home for the weekend, so I can't work from home. Also I didn't have any current numbers for managers and secretaries at work so couldn't ring to say I wasn't coming in. I did ring a friend from work and she was able to send a note round - it appears only 3 people made it in anyway!

I'm spending the day catching up on household tasks, and updating LJ :-)