March 14th, 2009


The Bootleg Beatles

I went to see the Bootleg Beatles last night with my sister, b-i-l and a friend. My friend R and I have been to see them several times, so we're now up to critiquing the various incarnations (George Harris stand-in good, John Lennon could do better :-)) but it was all new for my sister and b-i-l and they both enjoyed it. My b-i-l even went so far as to say it was a better concert than the one he passed on tickets for in 1964, for the real thing.

You do get the whole range of their work, and I think the tribute group really hit their stride when they come to the St Pepper years. They're also on stage for nearly 2 hours, and are good musicians and singers in their own right, so it's excellent entertainment even without the nostalgia.

A moderately quiet audience this time, lots of clapping and singing along, but I'm sure one of the contributory factors to the Theatre Royal Winchester refurbishment was the Bootleg Beatles concert that was held there just before it was shut in the 1990s :-)