April 25th, 2009


Victoria and Tapas

I went to see "The Young Victoria" on Wednesday. The relationship between Victoria and Albert was charming but without much drama since they seemed ideally suited to each other, and there weren't any major obstacles to their marriage. The political machinations were more involving (although knowing a bit about the history would be useful) and Paul Bettany put in a great performance as Lord Melbourne. I didn't really recognise him at first since he quite often plays characters with some element of diffidence or nonconformity, and in this film he was very much of the Establishment. It was an enjoyable film, although with not much happening; I think it would work better when seen on DVD since it was on a domestic scale.

On Thursday I went with a couple of friends to a tapas bar in Winchester called El Sabio which was a nice social occasion. You order lots of small dishes and sample all of them which makes for an informal meal, and it's easy to chat between the sampling. All the food was tasty and well-prepared so I'd certainly go there again.