May 15th, 2009


Star Trek

I went to see the new Star Trek film on Wednesday and really enjoyed it. I liked the homage they paid to the original series, and that they managed to come up with a believable alternate universe that worked for the characters.

I've watched Star Trek since the beginning, and used to buy all the books starting with James Blish's adaptations of the episodes. I don't know if Star Trek (and Dr Who, of course) started me reading scifi, or if reading scifi made the series more attractive to me, but I can remember reading not only Blish's adaptations but his original books about 'Cities in Flight. And his short novella "Surface Tension", which had one of those wonderful concepts that made the genre so interesting to read for me.

I wanted to be be an astronaut when I was young, and although that never came to pass, I did work for the European Space Agency for my sandwich year of college, so always feel a little proprietary interest when an Ariane rocket is launched :-)