June 12th, 2009


It never rains but it pours

All this month I've had a problem with my right-hand back teeth. Jaw swelled up, but went down again. I had a hygienist appointment anyway, so she suggested going to dentist. Of course, hardly anything to see when I went there, but he disinfected the area anyway and all seemed okay. Then a few days later it swelled up again, went to dentist this Monday, he disinfected area again and gave me some antibiotics. They didn't seem to make any difference, so went this morning. Cleaned area again, this time draining the area of the infection, and gave me a Huge Dose of antibiotics and some stronger ones to take. Also said to call him out at weekend if that doesn't clear it! Luckily this evening the jaw does seem to have a lot less pressure.

But the annoying thing about all this is that it's happening just as I'm in the middle of changing jobs! I stopped working with CICS full time today, and start with MQ on Monday, although I have a few problems I'll hang onto until they're all finished. It would be hard to find a more awkward time to be distracted by my chompers!

ETA: But in good news, I have managed to rescue a dozen strawberries from the slugs and birds on my allotment :-)