August 5th, 2009


Saving landfill and money

My first attempt at using Freecycle, and it was a successful transaction. Twenty years ago when I moved into my flat I had a huge cupboard in the boxroom, which was very useful for storing odd things in. Over time as the boxroom became more of a bedroom the cupboard, with the help of a couple of strong friends, migrated downstairs, but I recently decided it was too bulky for my hall and I needed to get rid of it.

Since it was too large for me to move by myself, I would have had to get the council to come and collect it. But I remembered that I'd joined the Freecycle group last year, and decided to try offering it there. I only had one response from someone who wanted it for putting in a storage room. One man and his trolley (and large van) just came to collect it, and it's off on another useful stage of its life.