September 17th, 2009


Quakers and Art

The Heritage Open Days weekend has just occurred and we opened up the Quaker Meeting House for the Saturday and Sunday afternoon. We usually get a good stream of visitors since everyone is always fascinated to see the garden behind the wall (shades of 'The Secret Garden'), also we offer tea and biscuits! The house itself is quite simple, it has some interesting architectural details which we can point out, but when you've seen it one year there's not a lot new to look at. So this year one of our members put together a small exhibition about a Quaker artist called Robin Tanner. I'd never heard of him before but he produced the most exquisite etchings, see here for some examples - the third page is typical of the ones we had on display. His studies of flowers were in a similar style to designs by William Morris. The exhibition was a big hit with the visitors and the Quaker room wardens, most of whom had never heard of him.

I shall be doing my bit of Art over the weekend, and here's the link to my page. I have a friend coming with me, but I won't be expecting people to turn up or to watch online since it's the middle of the night! (Also, have I mentioned it's going to be really boring?)