October 30th, 2009

grip on reality not too good

Normal service has been resumed ...

So I've been having a new kitchen installed over the past few weeks. It started at the beginning of September, and I had to move all the furniture and cupboard contents into other rooms in the flat. I had a microwave so was okay for food, particularly since I usually have lunch in the canteen at work. But because some cupboards were not the right size, and had to be cut down and then new doors had to be ordered, I couldn't move everything all back until just before last weekend.

This was very disruptive, and I also had the pleasant but distracting weekends in London for the Plinth, and in Tewkesbury for the Malvern Show. So as time progressed I became more and more disorganised, not being able to find things in the flat, neglecting actions I'd promised to do, and falling behind with email and snail mail. I became slightly twitchy when anyone came up to start a conversation with me in case it was to ask about something I'd forgotten :-)

Finally everything is back in the kitchen, and although I have to paint the walls and ceiling it's all usable and my brain is slowly starting to come back online. Hopefully I'll get back to updating this journal a little more.