November 3rd, 2009


Kitchen tips

Since I have a new kitchen, my attention is being caught by other people talking about their kitchens. Here's Ezra Klein writing about Refrigerator Philosophy which for such an intellectual title is basically some useful tips on how to use a kitchen. I was particularly struck by The irony of the crisper drawer at the base of the fridge is that it keeps produce fresh for longer, but since you also forget that the produce exists, it makes it more likely that it goes bad altogether. since that happens to me when I have guests. Usually I'm pretty good at judging quantities for myself, but when people come to stay I can stock up a little too generously.

The worst incident is when I'd bought lots of potatoes which I stored in the side of my tall store cupboard which I rarely opened, so it was quite dark. I opened it a few weeks later and these two-foot high potato shoots leapt out like "Attack of the Triffids", and I plastered myself against the opposite wall like a cartoon character!