December 5th, 2009


Advent Ring Circle Dance

I'll post about my holiday later this weekend, but just wanted to record that I had a lovely evening circle dancing at St Lawrence in the Square yesterday evening. The dancing was led by Judy King who was the founder of the group I attend on Tuesday evenings - taken over by one of her pupils when Judy left Winchester.

There were about 30 dancers present (one brave gentleman, the rest women) and the space was an atmospheric medieval church in the middle of Winchester. The dances were fairly simple since this was a one-off and not an ongoing group. Occasionally we danced in an inner and outer circle which gives an interesting dynamic to the dance since you see different people as the two circles rotate at different speeds. One of the dancers was the circle dance standard 'Misalou' (sp?) usually quite a chirpy dance, which we danced to some Yiddish music that made it very arcane. There was also a dance with candles that passed off without incident, although dancing with lighted candles always has a frisson of excitement :-)

It was great to dance in such a large group, and the simplicity of the dances meant we were all in step very quickly. The arched wooden roof of the church had a huge circular iron chandelier which was embellished with greenery, and tea-lights in red glass were set about making the whole experience very festive.