February 7th, 2011

circle dancing


I went barn dancing over the weekend (an event to raise funds for Pakistan Flood Relief) and had a great time. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it too, although it appeared that only the caller and a handful of other people had any idea what they were doing.

My circle dance teacher was there, and while chatting to her I said how surprised I was at the complicated dances we were managing to do. It usually takes 3 or 4 lessons to pick up a new circle dance. She pointed out that in the barn dances we were doing there weren't any special steps, we were mostly skipping around, the odd gallop when doing the length of the hall and a shuffle around the corners. As long as we could hear the caller to find out the next pattern and whether it was left or right, it was all straightforward. We still had the odd mistake, and the general rule was that if you lost your partner in the melee, head for the middle of the circle and look plaintive and someone - hopefully your original partner - should find you :-)

Anyway it was great fun, and now I want to find more barn dances to go to!