July 21st, 2011


Heart Echo

I had the interesting experience of an echocardiogram yesterday. Kudos again to the NHS since I arrived early to find the right department, and since they were ahead of themselves I went straight in to get the procedure done.

You take your top off and then lie on your left side with your arm above your head, so you end up looking like one of Ingres' Odalisque paintings - although the effect is rather spoilt by the pair of practical trousers.

The nurse uses some gel around the heart area and then a probe is run over the skin, to get different views of the heart. The only uncomfortable bit was when she pressed into the solar plexus to get a view from that angle, and that was mostly because it came as a surprise. Occasionally the nurse turned on the sound, I guess to get an idea of any abnormal noises. It all sounded a bit strange to me, either like a weaving machine from a cloth mill, or someone running through mud in wellingtons.

There was nothing obviously wrong, but she'll pass the results onto the specialist for a closer look.