January 3rd, 2012


Great Expectations - comments

I used iPlayer to download and watch Great Expectations last night, and enjoyed the adaptation. There was some alteration to some of the secondary characters like Molly, and pruning of some plot details, but in ways that aided the story and didn't jar - for me, anyway.

I liked Gillian Anderson's performance as Miss Havisham, and found the choice they made about her costuming very interesting. It appears that the starting date for the book is about 1812, but they seemed to set it in mid-Victorian times. This meant that they could give Miss Havisham a Regency Style dress that produced more of an impression of a young bride. Her hairstyle was still fairly neat at her introduction but degenerated as the years passed, which made a clever shortcut for her mental state. There was also a different take on the 'fire' scene which worked very well with how they'd told the story.

I think it was the first version I'd seen where Pip was prettier than Estella!