Jane B (knally) wrote,
Jane B

Seaside Bank holiday

I went to Southend in Essex at the weekend. Staying with an old friend (exactly two days older than me!) from primary school. It was quite busy since we actually had a sunny Bank Holiday, and a lot of people come out from London to Southend since it's the nearest bit of seaside. There was no parking near the sea front, and nothing near Leigh-on-Sea when we had a little drive out there. But we did find a small park where we sat and looked over the boats in the estuary. We spent some time wandering around the shops, checking out the fashions - which we remembered the first time round :-) - chatting, looking at photos, and having coffee, so just a pleasant dawdling kind of weekend. The entertainment section of the visit came when we tried to put a quilt cover on a double quilt after two glasses of wine. Who knew there were so many corners on quilts!!

P.S. I will be writing a little more about the Italian holiday but I'm waiting for my photos to be developed.

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